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Go Bananas

24/08/2015 8:49pm          82 words

The little princess was invited to her friends 6th Birthday party at Go Bananas, perfectly titled as kids just go wild. There is a big slide there as she came down and her friend behind her somehow her hand got landed on so she has 2 fractured fingers.

She was invited to another friends 6th birthday party again this Saturday at Go Bananas, she is disappointed that she now can't go.

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Winter, blah

03/08/2015 8:27pm          185 words

[image]This winter has been a hard winter with the flu bugs. My little princess gets the flu, then I get it, we both get over it and then we get it again. We however have been flu, cold, bug free for 3 weeks. The kids are passing it around the school, just walk into her classroom and the whole class is just coughing, but all has been silent lately. I am so over winter.

Other than that we are dong well, and she is doing fantastic at school. She is also in a accelerated reading group, she loves it. I could not be prouder of her.

My car had been literally falling apart, so I was on the lookout for a new car, not brand new but newer than the one I had. I only wanted something small and nothing too over the top. I found that car, a Toyota Echo, this is the new member of our family which missy calls her car.



Google Play

26/05/2015 10:10pm          101 words

Google Play Store customer service is quick. I had to phone them since a book I pre-ordered became available, only problem is there was no option to download the ascm file for the epub, this is a publisher problem, it was then escalated. They also gave me a $10 credit for the Google Play store for a boo k that was only $7.30.Plus apologised for the disruption which wasn't their fault.

They were quick to answer the phone, no waiting and problem solved. I only wish companies out here were quick with their customer service.

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02/02/2015 10:16pm          171 words


Princess started school today, her first day of Kindergarten. She was so happy and excited to go and looked so cute in her uniform.

Here I was feeling lost and just didn't know what to do with myself. I went to my favourite coffee shop and had a coffee, I was asked where she was. so I told them she started school, they couldn't believe it said she was too little to start school and there just isn't going to any love today without her.

I counted the hours and minutes until it was time to go and get her. When I did she was all smiles and happy she had a great day and loved it. It is so difficult to let her go, I feel like I am losing her.

On an up note I start work on Thursday during school hours.

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13/01/2015 9:42pm          43 words

The princess had a dental appointment this morning just for a check up, her teeth are beautiful and perfect he said, no problems at all. He gave her a new toothbrush and stickers. The dentist never gives me anything except the charges.

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